Brasserie Damier

Behind the heritage listed rococo façade of 1769 lies another well hidden secret.
The unique interior is from the hands of the famous
“Kunstwerkstede Gebroeders De Coene”.

Brasserie Damier can be accessed directly from the Grote Markt and can also be rented for functions or private parties.


New chef = new menu!

We welcome chef Jay aboard the Damier team. Jay brings a wealth of experience and creativity with him, and we are confident that his culinary skills and passion for top-quality products will bring a refreshing breeze to our kitchen. 


In Brasserie Damier you can enjoy a pleasant dinner or lunch.  You will feel yourself being in a Parisian Brasserie.
We serve classic dishes with a contemporary touch. In addition, there are 'sharing dishes' and 'Menu Damier' with meat/fish choice.

Opening hours brasserie:

Open Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am - ...
You can have lunch or dinner on our terrace.
Book your table: or 056 22 15 47.



Menu Damier


Fenel - swiss char – sweet potato – musterd cream sauce
Pickled onion - pistachio vinaigrette - capers
Carrot purée – thousand layer potato – roasted carrot – blueberry sauce
Beetroot risotto – asparagus - cherry
Vanilla ice cream – coffee crumble – caramel sauce

3 course    60
3 course + cheese 75

Menu ENG.pdf

Wine menu

Discover the different continents through our extensive wine menu. Beside the esteemed classics, you will also find a wide variety of wines per glass.

Our sommelier is happy to assist you!

WIjnkaart 2024.pdf

Nomuss mocktails and cocktails @ brasserie and restaurant Damier

Nomuss is the latest innovation among cocktail mixers, the all-in-one solution for premium cocktails, mocktails and spritz.

With its non-alcoholic formula you can turn any cocktail into a mocktail. 100% natural and 100% Belgian. Come and try them quickly in our bar. Cheers to the art of ease!

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You can enjoy lunch or dinner on the spacious, heated terrace, with a view of the Grote Markt.
In the afternoon you can go there for homemade pancakes, ice cream, a coffee, etc.

Make online reservations or by phone 056 22 15 47.

Tea room

Every Saturday we serve delicious pancakes, freshly made waffles and homemade ice cream.
Our heated terrace is the ideal base for following the spectacle on the Grote Markt from the first row. 

Enjoy a heart warming coffee break, a delicious glass of wine or Champagne or a surprising discovery from our extensive collection of single malt whiskies.

Be suprised by the perfect served Copperhead gin, Copperhead gin "Black Batch" or 'Gibson', with blends. Designed by the hotel owner, Yvan Vindevogel.

Intimate converstations as well as enjoyable gatherings find a perfect setting at Brasserei Damier every night of the week.

Copperhead gin

Copperhead Gin

The spiritual father of the Copperhead gin is Yvan Vindevogel, a successful entrepreneur in pharmaceuticals and owner of Hotel Damier. With Copperhead gin come three aromatic 'herbal blends' in a pipette bottle. Every bottle gives another function to the Copperhead. The 'Aperitivum' arouses appetite, the 'Energeticum' gives energy and the 'Digestivum' helps with digestion.

In October 2015, a second gin was launched, Copperhead Black Batch.  SInce 2018, you can taste the Copperhead 'The Gibson Edition'.

In May 2021, Yvan Vindevogel launches the non-alcoholic Copperhead gin.
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Read more Go to the copperhead website